1956 studio paintings
1957 San Francisco Museum of Art, San Francisco, California. group exhibition
1958 studio, Abstract Expressionist paintings
1960 Boreas Gallery, San Francisco, California one person exhibition
1961 Pasadena Museum of Art, Pasadena, California group exhibition
1962 Rolf Nelson Gallery, Los Angeles, California group exhibition
1963 Pasadena Museum of Art, Pasadena, California
Directors Choice group exhibition
1965 FOUR California State College at Los Angeles,
Los Angeles,California. group exhibition
1965 Studio, from a series of paintings using airbrush.
1966 studio, POINTSETS formalist paintings (shown at ARCO in 1981)
1967 HOME: Lightspace exhibition at the artist's studio,Ocean Park, California
1968 FLOAT: Lightspace exhibition at the artist's studio,
Ocean Park, California
1969 ARC: Lightspace exhibition at the artist's studio,
Ocean Park, California
1970 RISE: Pomona College Art Gallery, Claremont,
California. one person exhibition (rebuilt at Percept in 1981)
1972 TRIP: Installation in storefront windows at the artist's studio,
Ocean Park, California (rebuilt at Percept in 1981)
1972 MOVE: Southern California Directions, Pasadena Museum of Modern Art,
Pasadena, California group exhibition
1974 GUIDE: University of California, Irvine one person exhibition.
1981 FLASH: Installation in storefront windows, Hal Glicksman's studio, Venice, California      
1981 POINT and related works (CHANGES, FLASH, TRANSFORMER, and others):
ARCO Center for the Visual Arts, Los Angeles, California
one person exhibition
1981 POINT: H. E. Johnson Museum of Art, Cornell University, Ithaca, New York
one person exhibition
1981-82 POINT, RISE, and TRIP: Percept Gallery, Los Angeles, California
one person exhibition
1982 POINT: Siggraph ' 82, Computer conference art exhibition,
Boston, Massachusetts. group exhibition
1983 POINT: Institute for Contemporary Art, Boston, Massachusetts
one person exhibition
1983 Long Beach Museum of Art, Long Beach, California,
computer art group exhibition
1985 SHAPE: Otis/Parsons School of Art, Los Angeles, California,
one person exhibition.
1986 TRANSFER: Venice Family Clinic Benefit Exhibition,
Beverly Hills, California, group exhibition.
1987 WHITE WALL and GLOW: White works exhibition,
Angles Gallery, Santa Monica, California, group exhibition
1988 BLUE LIGHT AND UNIVERSE: Visual Silences Exhibition,
Marc Richards Gallery, Los Angeles, California, group exhibition with
John McLaughlin, John McKracken, Mary Corse and Ed Bauman-Hudson
1989 PANEL I Installation in storefront windows, at Edgemar, Santa Monica, California,
shopping center and museum complex (Frank Gehry, Architect),
one person exhibition
1990 PANEL II: Installation in storefront windows, The Island, San Mateo, California,
shopping center one person exhibition (destroyed)
1991 UNITY: Permanent installation in Blue Line Subway Tunnel
Commissioned by the Los Angeles County Transportation Commission.
one person exhibition
1992 LANDMARK: Painted sculpture in courtyard at Edgemar, Santa Monica, California
one person exhibition
2001 SQUARE INTERSECTIONS series printed paintings and POND
painted floor piece, Santa Monica Museum of Art one person exhibition
2003 LAKE horizontal light piece in the studio
2005 AHA vertical light piece permanent installation at,
Edgemar, Santa Monica, California

BACKGROUND 1934 Born in Los Angeles, California.

1957 B.A., University of California, Los Angeles

Member, Founding Committee, Santa Monica Museum of Art


Artforum FOUR 1965

Artforum RISE 1970

Los Angeles Times POINT 1981

Art News Percept 1981

Los Angeles Times UNITY 1991

TV channel news 2,4, and 7 UNITY 1991

Angeles Magazine UNITY 1991


Sunshine Muse Peter Plagens

Light and Space as Art Jan Butterfield


Peter Clothier Visual Silences

Barbara Haskell New Directions

Fritz Frauchiger POINT at Arco

Thomas Hess at San Francisco Museum of Art


Ucross, Wyoming one month 1993

Santa Monica Museum of Art 2 years 2001-2002

Side Street Projects downtown Los Angeles 2003


painting, Westside Art Center Santa Monica California 2 years

painting, Junior Art center Barnsdall Park, City of Los Angeles 1 year

computer art, Otis/Parsons Art Institute extension, Los Angeles 2 years

sculpture and design, University of California at Irvine 1 year

drawing, Santa Monica Museum of Art 1 year


UCLA lecture as part of a series on lightspace art

Santa Monica College lecture to class taught by George Herms

UCI lecture to class taught by Hal Glicksman

Lecture to students at Pomona College

Lecture to UCLA extension class

Lecture to class taught by Roland Riess at Claremont Graduate School of Art

Contact information
Thomas Eatherton
310 451 1103