A Brief Downtown Renaissance

When plans were announced in the mid 1970's for a new Museum of Contemprary Art in downtown Los Angeles, there was an influx of artists and galleries to the industrial area of downtown. The museum opened a planning office on Boyd Street and galleries immediately opened in the surrounding blocks. A lively scene of restaurants, shops and performance spaces flourished in this neighborhood between Little Tokyo and Skid Row. A loft building on Boyd and Wall was being restored for art's studios as were other buildings on the block. Hal Glicksman was able to convince a patron to support a gallery for an exhibition of Light and Space installations by Tom Eatherton.

There was very little money for this project, and no money to sustain the gallery for a further series of works. Glicksman hoped to sell a major piece, but if that did not materialize, to sell the exhibition space lease and improvements. Unfortunately, a quite serious downturn in the economy occured at the end of 1981. All the galleries closed in downtown and most of the artists relocated as well.